Schnitzels by the river at Hofer and Frei

Hofer & Frei, German for schnitzel and espresso, have opened their doors in the Brisbane CBD and boy does it deliver (literally and figuratively)! 

The cafe has food for all moods and appetites, whether its cheat day, or you don’t give a schnitz. 

Offering a delightful spread, you can feast on big and beautiful thick cut sweet (and non-sweet) potato fries, gourmet salads, velvety espresso milkshakes, and s-crumb-ptious schnitzels! 

The awesome view of the iconic Story Bridge also comes free with every meal. 

Brisbane Weekender took one for the team and tasted a little bit of everything so that we could tell you the top picks. 

1) The Gym Junkie

Monster view, monster burger. If meat is your best friend, this is the one for you. Double schnitzel, Kingaroy bacon, fried egg, the usual salad lot and their delicious creamy house mayo.

2) Fish Schnitzel and Hofer Sommersalat

Fish N Chips German style with a fresh garden salad donned in a tangy vinaigrette. 

3) The Tejano

Exotic tastes to match the name. An unconventional Tex-Mex/ German hybrid stack with jalepenos, Boston pickles, Swiss cheese, grilled onions and honey mustard mayo. Super delicious, and how about them buns… 

4) The Vege Schnitzel and New York Salad

It was not apparent that this was the vegetarian option until after the meal. Could have fooled us! The New York salad didn’t disappoint either. Topped with mozzarella and dressed with Hofer’s blue sauce- you can never go wrong when you double up on cheese.

Check out our mates at Hofer and Frei. The food is the schnitz and the staff are super friendly!
Words and images by Rubini Gun

Details: Hofer & Frei | Level 2, 480 Queen St, Brisbane | 07:30 am – 2:30 pm | Weekdays | (07) 3831 6729