10 Secret Santa Presents for the Office

We’ve got the top 10 secret Santa presents for every character in your office.

1) Manatee Tea (Manatea) Dispenser – For the lovers of tea and all things cute, this little Manatee will perch from your mug, diffusing your daily dosage of hot herbal goodness.

Beserk online store, $15 

2) Bubble wrap calendar – Your frazzled co-worker will never get their dates mixed up again, as they can press down a bubble for each that goes by.

Uncommon Goods online store, $27

3) Portable iPhone charger – A basic necessity for the colleague who always ask to borrow your charger.

Officeworks, $20

4) Coffee scented candle – For the coffee addict (well who isn’t one?) This scented candle means they can now feed their addition in more than one way.

Sniff Soy Candles online store, $32

5) The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Lotion – For the notoriously masculine colleague who takes great pride in maintaining himself, but doesn’t like to show it.

The Body Shop, $20

6) Hot chocolate on a stick – The sweet tooths of the office can take their guilt pleasure indulgence to a whole new level of novelty delight. 

David Jones, $8

7) Cards of Humanity Game – Reach out to your co-workers and let them know their dark sense of humour is never something to be ashamed of. 

Games Paradise online store, $60

8) Steel stone ice cubes – So the refined scotch connoisseur’s drink will never go warm. 

Kogan online store, $30

9) Beard care kit – Show him you know that beards don’t just happen naturally. They take time, nurturing and care. 

The Caveman Beard online store, $17 

10) Scratch map – So the avid traveller can mark their destinations with pride. 

Australian Geographic, $30 

Words by Rubini Gun

Image from Bayside Journal