DreamWorks Animation have created one of the most colourfully extravagant, and glitter fantastic musical movies with the recreation of a children’s classic Trolls.

The movie is based on finding your inner happiness, and includes lovely motto’s for children to learn like never giving up, and the importance of positive thinking from these fun loving creatures.

The two main characters of the movie include Princess Poppy, a positive cuddling, loving girl, and by her side on their wild adventure her friend Branch, who is grumpy, cautious and completely opposite to Poppy. 

It had been 20 years since the Trolls encountered the horrible life of living in fear of the Troll eating Bergens, who believe that eating a Troll gives them a taste of happiness. 

Thanks to Poppy’s father King Pappy, he had saved the Trolls from there horrific fate, however one night 20 years later a Bergen had discovered where they had been hiding and took some of Poppy’s friend with her. 

With odds against the pair Poppy and Brach face their fate against the Bergens who are hungry on the hunt to find more Trolls for their Trollstice. 

The duo makes an unlikely team, however with Poppy’s constant optimistic view on life these two Trolls persevere to help save their friends and future Kingdom. 

Along with the two main characters are the fun loving Trolls all fuzzy and brightly coloured, these gorgeous characters love to sing and dance.  

You will find yourself toe tapping and dancing your way through this delightful movie, and the kids will be in full song as the creators of the movie have included all your favourite tunes. 

Trolls (G) has advanced screenings in selected cinemas the weekend before opening in cinemas on December 1, 2016.

Words by Michelle McDade 

Image by Trolls

Details: Trolls | G | kid friendly | released 1 December 2016