Justin Fleming brings you ‘Tartuffe’- a modernised, localised and fabulous reincarnation of French playwright Moliére’s comedic sacrilege delight.

Tartuffe a con-artist and duplicitous imposter plays puppet master to Orgon- a wealthy socialite, husband and father who has worked hard for his success.

Tartuffe is no regular imposter. He poses as deeply devout religious figure who has come from underprivileged beginnings, leaving Orgon besotted and simply convinced that he must take him under his wing by handing him his daughters hand in marriage.

Orgon’s family and particularly mouthy, slightly bogan but sexy and sassy house made Dorine see throughout the deceit. They plot to reveal Tartuffe for who he really is. This makes for a progressive lead up to a hilarious but a very awkward scene where pants are at one’s ankle and “one’s lips near a misuser’s ‘Tasmania’”.

Littered with crass jokes, you will literally be lol’ling. The humour is unquotable– not just because it is all written in rhyme and impossible to repeat, but because of its clever construction and balance between verbal charm and ridiculously exaggerated antics.

Tartuffe is a scintillating performance of perfect monologues that poke some serious fun and truth at religious hypocrisy. You can watch it for Moliére’s critique of feigned virtue in ancient, and now modern times, or for a simple old laugh. Either way you will not be disappointed!

Words by Rubini Gun

Image by Tartuffe

Details: Words by Rubini Gun | 24 November – 4 December | Playhouse, QPAC