The Taste of Mexico launch night at Zambrero

It was a night of celebration at Zambrero for the launch of the new black rice tortilla, part of the power burrito range.

This ‘superfoods’ tortilla that Zambrero have released as part of their new menu was healthy, got the taste buds excited, and filled the belly.

The official Brisbane launch party at Buranda brought select media and VIPs together to enjoy healthier, fresher choices and great drinks.

The night in a nutshell: burritos, good music, a laid-back environment, and Coronaritas.

The Coronarita, essentially a Corona beer bottle resting in a delicious lime infused margarita; was something special.

The black rice tortilla is sure to leave the gluten intolerant buzzing.

Gluten free is not something one usually writes home about. However, the tortilla when mixed with the fresh Mexican ingredients on hand at Zambrero was fantastic.

Their commitment to pioneering a modern healthy choice menu makes Zambrero a leader in Mexican take-away cuisine.

Their site at Buranda near the Princess Alexandra hospital was decorated in a way that was bright, green, airy, comfortable, and relaxing.

It was in lieu of their mission: to end world hunger through the Plate4Plate initiative.

The chain of Mexican cuisine stores is committed as a brand to donating a plate of food for a burrito or burrito bowl purchased.

In all, they put on a truly authentic Mex-Fest, glued in the memory banks for next time one feels the desire for fast and healthy Mexican cuisine.

Words and images by Stephanie Panitzki

Details: Zambrero | 22/250 Ipswich Rd, Woolloongabba | 10:00 am – 09:00 pm | 7 days | (07) 3391 5379