Roald Dahl’s Matilta at QPAC

Adapted from the famous childhood book by Dennis Kelly, Roald Dahl’s Matilta the musical has come to The Queensland Performing Arts Centre.

Roal Dahl’s stories were known for their child-like imagination. At the age of 70, Roal Dahl wrote Matilda in his writing hut drawing from stories from his own experiences in boarding school and being told what to do by parents and teachers, and his wild imagination.

The musical looked at battles and compromises through a child’s eyes and sent a clear message for children and adults to stand up for themselves if experiencing domestic abuse. 

While the performance did not delve too far into the child’s powers as in the blockbuster film, the powers executed impressed the room full of littlies. 

Leading character Matilda was performed by Venice Harris on opening night. With an incredible portfolio of skills at such a young age, Venice Harris amazed the crowd with her vocals and her powerful acting skills.

The skills of the child actors were incredibly impressive and they kept the audience engaged with their song and dance.

Matilda the musical was a magical, comic and captivating performance that brought in young children to parents, fans of the classic book and film and grandparents. 

Worlds by Katherine Bowden

Image by James Morgan

Details: Matilda | Lyric Theatre, QPAC | 25 November to 12 February