On Monday the 28 th of November with the help of Epic Assist, the doors opened first the very first time on the #futurewewant art exhibition at Aspire art gallery in Paddingtion.

#thefuturewewant is a celebratory exhibition showcasing the talents of a wide variety of artworks by both professional and upcoming Australian artists with varying types of disability.

With over 150 pieces on display, the exhibition runs in cohesion with the International Day of People with Disability and aims to encourage greater social inclusion for people with disability whilst showcasing the many talents they posses.

Febe Zylstra, artist and type 1 bipolar disorder suffer says “ I found creating my art allowed me to have my own safe little world too escape into and an outlet to my see-sawing emotions which helped in putting things back in balance. Like a butterfly, struggling to emerge from its cocoon, art for me is a means to connect to those on the outside!”

Optimism and creativity ooze out of these gallery walls, and in keeping with its theme 100% of the exhibitions proceeds go directly towards enhancing the lives of the artists.

#thefuturewewant is an absolute treat for the eyes and an inspiration to all those fortunate enough to see it. Running for a limited time until the 3 rd of December this is a showcase you don’t want to miss.

Words by Elizah Caruana

Image by Febe Zylsta: The bridge back home (oil on canvas)

Details: Aspire Gallery, 53 Kennedy Tce, Paddington, Brisbane 4064| 28 th November – 3 rd December | Open daily from 10:30am until 4:30pm | Free entry