Sing Movie

Illumination Entertainment presents the feel good animated movie of the year Sing, where animals come together to sing it off against one another.

To demonstrate their enormous talents koala (Buster Moon, voiced by Mathew McConaughey) stages a grand singing competition where the animals comparably showcase their musical abilities.

Buster Moon’s grand plan is to save his theatre from closure, by hosting a spectacular event alike a jukebox musical to capture the public’s attention, in similarity to American Idol.

Throughout the movie follow the lives of the five main animal characters competing for the ultimate grand prize.

As announcements for the competition are being made Buttle/Tuttle who is Busters assistants adds a typing error adding an extra two zeros to the prize money and soon enough everyone wants to enter the competition.

This includes Taron Egerton the Gorilla with a family criminal background, Seth the mouse, and Tori the Elephant whose has the most outstanding voice of the competition.

This musical movie hosts some of the hottest songs of all time, and will have you and the kids frenziedly dancing in your seat.

Details: Sing  | in cinemas across Australia from December 21, 2016 | PG