The Art of Dr Seuss comes to Brisbane

The quirky and talented work of Dr Seuss, a.k.a Theodor Seuss Geisel is visiting Brisbane for a short time only.

The exhibition invites you to take a trip down memory lane and admire the works of his inventive illustrations.

The gallery brings to life a series of his unforgettable characters like Sam-I-Am, Horton, Cat in the Hat, and many other silly yet profound, quotable characters. 

Be prepared to also meet Theodor Geisel, the true side of Dr. Seuss that not many saw. An editorial cartoonist and ad-man in the 1920’s. 

The gallery displays Theodor’s ‘secret art’ collection. Inspired by the post-war political movement, you will appreciate a series of his taxidermy sculptures, psychedelic oil paintings and iconic cartoons.

His ‘Seussian’ style promises sentiment and nostalgia. It embodies the balance between an early 20th century surrealism and quirky playful classroom doodles.

The marvellous works from the Estate of Dr Seuss are a must-see! What better way to honour the man that brought sheer joy to reading and rhyming, and letting imaginations run free? 

Words by Rubini Gun

Details: Mitchell Fine Art Gallery | 86 Arthur Street, Fortitude Valley | 16th Nov – 20th Dec 2016