Christmas in Brisbane’s CBD


Yesterday I woke up in a santa hat.

Yes, you heard me correctly. I had ‘ho ho ho’ written above my forehead and a white pom-pom on top. So you can understand why Christmas was my first thought of the day.

I decided to the hit Brisbane city and share its Christmas spirit with you.

Walking around, I noticed that the city was much more festive than the last few years. The Myer gingerbread windows were filled with excited children and their parents and the Christmas tree stood tall and strong in King George Square.

Brisbane’s traditional angel was hung high, watching over the city.

DSCN2177-1 (dragged)

Candy cane colours filled the ceilings.


However it was Queen Street Mall’s new decorations that really caught me by surprise. Six Christmas toys, up to four metres high, and over-sized baubles sprinkled their magic around town.

DSCN2178-1 (dragged)

Can’t make it in to town to check them out? Don’t worry. We have captured these special decorations to give our loyal readers a sneak peak!


DSCN2207-1 (dragged)

DSCN2215-1 (dragged)

DSCN2202-1 (dragged)



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