Watch Monster Trucks this school holidays

Monster Trucks is the latest Nickelodeon hybrid Computer-Generated Animated movie that provides a mix of live action with CG animation into a high-octane teen and pre-teen movie.

Directed by Chris Wedge who is known for his animated movies, this story is about a teen named Tripp (played by Lucas Till) who is looking for any way to get away from the life and small town he was born into.

Living with his mum (played by Amy Ryan) and her sheriff boyfriend (played by Barry Pepper), Tripp escapes from his problems at Mr Weather’s (played by Danny Glover) junkyard, where he scavenges for parts for the pickup truck he’s been trying to build.

Tripp’s life receives a shot of adrenaline after an accident at a nearby oil-drilling site displaces a strange and subterranean creature with a taste for oil and a talent for speed. 

The creature, who Tripp names Creech, finds a hiding place under the hood of Tripp’s pick-up truck and wraps his tentacles around the axles to generate speed.

Tripp and Creech need all the speed they can get to outrun the oil firm’s evil boss (played by Rob Lowe), who is intent on catching Creech at any cost.

Wedge’s animation background comes in handy during some inventive chase sequences including a chase in which Tripp’s truck climbs a wall and bounds across the rooftops of his small town’s retro Main Street.

Audiences really enjoyed Monster Trucks but younger viewers felt that the movie was a bit too short in length and could have done with another 20 minutes of speed and action sequences.

All in all a highly entertaining movie perfect for that school holiday entertainment, coming out in cinemas from 12th January.

Words by Michelle McDade

Image by Monster Trucks

Details: Monster Trucks | 1hr 44mins | In cinemas from 12 January 2017