Fifty Shades Darker

The highly anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey took the box office by storm last year and through the controversy it was a massive hit.

With the sequel Fifty Shades Darker being highly sought after as well, it too is expected to be a success.
Anyone that has read the books knows that the sequel is slightly different. 

Fifty shades Darker, like the book, isn’t just romance and erotica. It is filled from start to finish with action, drama and suspense, keeping you on your seat and wanting more through the good and the bad.

After ending Fifty Shades of Grey with Anastasia walking out on Christian, Fifty shades darker takes you through a whole new relationship with them; one free of rules, punishments and secrets. 

Neither know what they are getting themselves, but both are happy to take the risk with each other. 

Their relationship through Fifty Shades Darker continues to grow leaps and bounds while overcoming obstacles “normal” couples wouldn’t have to deal with. While it can be rocky at times due to outside forces, they still try to make it work and overcome whatever is thrown at them.

The movie although primarily set in Seattle, takes you on a journey like no other with Anastasia and Christian. 

Anastasia had never been in a relationship with anyone before Christian so she knows only what she reads. 

Since she is an English literature major, Anastasia is considered somewhat of a romantic. 

Christian on the other hand, having such a rocky start in life has scarred him from ever getting personally intimate or romantic with anyone. 

With both of their lives colliding at full force since they met and both having very different experiences with ‘love’, each must compromise in order to have the other since neither one of them wants to live without each other.
Does Fifty Shades Darker live up to the standards set by Fifty Shades of Grey? Will Fifty Shades of Freed polish off this movie trilogy? Watch and wait to find out!

 Words by Krystal King

Image by Fifty Shades Darker

Details: Fifty Shades Darker | Released 9th February | 118mins | Rated MA15+