Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart have saved their best for last. Logan, the latest addition to the X-Men cinema franchise, is hands down their best film to date. 

The third spinoff focusing on fan-favourite Wolverine, Logan’s MA15+ rating allowed director James Mangold to make a movie that more accurately portrayed the comic book version of the beloved anti-hero, and it paid dividends. 

Logan is gripping, gritty, and unrelentingly brutal, without ever feeling overdone or unrealistic given the context. 

While Logan is significantly more gruesome than its M-rated predecessors, Mangold perfectly offsets the increased violence with an increased focus on Logan’s (Hugh Jackman) inner turmoil over the acts he’s committed. 

Following a trend set by recent critically-acclaimed films Lion (2016) and Manchester by the Sea (2016), Logan features a child actor whose phenomenal performance is critical to the movie’s success. 

Laura (Dafne Keen) holds her own alongside the fierce Wolverine, and fans of the X-Men franchise will be eager to see more of her in future.

A masterful interweaving of comedy, drama, and action, Logan earns all of its physical and emotional payoffs. 

Whether with a fatal swipe of Logan’s trademark claws or through the painful loss of a cherished friend, Logan will keep audiences on an emotional roller coaster throughout, and the longest of the three Wolverine films will feel as though it’s over in a flash.

Words by Megan Laws

Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Details: Release Date: 02 March 2017 | Running Time: 137 minutes | Rated MA


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