French Film Festival’s hilarious In bed with Victoria

Virginia Efra stars in this charming comedy as Victoria, an intelligent attractive blonde who juggles her messy love life with being a single mum while trying to hold on to her career as a criminal lawyer. 

Chaos reigns in Victoria’s life that is set in a tiny Parisian apartment that she shares with her two gorgeous kids. 

As ‘queen of drama queens’ she seems to attract all the wrong lovers and all the wrong clients until a young and irresistible past client and former drug dealer, Sam (Vincent Lacoste) walks into her life and things take a different turn.

Victoria reluctantly agrees to take on a very bizarre domestic case to help out a friend only to find it places her in very tricky circumstances. 

To win her case Victoria is aided by her new love interest together with a Dalmatian and Chimpanzee, the latter being called into court as key character witnesses. 

To make things worse, Victoria’s private life is being exposed by her ex who is trying to promote himself by using her as the key character in his storyline for his on line blogging. 

Much to everyone’s relief the very endearing Sam does his best to try to save the girl who is trying to save the case in question leaving audiences on a high.

Words by Elizabeth Lamont

Images by French Film Festival 

Details: French Film Festival 2017| Palace Barracks Brisbane| 16th March – 9th April 2017| 97 minutes | tickets online and at cinema box office daily until sold out | French with English Subtitles