Every Brilliant Thing at QPAC

His mother is always sad, she’s depressed and he can’t understand why. So, at age seven he writes her a list of brilliant things – a list of reasons not to be depressed.

Things like dessert as a main course, staying up late, or the colour yellow. As he declares these little, joyous, day-to-day wins, you’ll giggle and feel an immediate warmth.

Playwright Duncan Macmillan brings you a poignant, life-affirming and hilarious one-man-show about one thing that is not so hilarious – mental illness.

Part drama artifice, part personal confession, British actor James Rowland performs this brilliant theatrical piece that shows the lengths you go to for the ones you love. 

The list reaches over a million entries as Rowland calls upon his audience to read them out and occasionally improvise the lines of key characters. This unpredictable element brings a raw, unique and intimate exquisiteness to Macmillan’s weird and wonderful story.

Every Brilliant Thing is a powerful combination of brilliant acting and beautiful storytelling, where there is no separation between actor and audience, just people in a room sharing a story.

Words by Rubini Gun

Image by QPAC

Details: Every Brilliant Thing | 8-11 March | QPAC’s Cremorne Theatre