Ghost in the Shell

The long awaited manga adaptation of Ghost in the Shell is next level cinematography and an invitation to view the not so distant futuristic, immersive cyber megacity.

Scarlett Johansson plays Major, the first of her kind with cybernetic agility, access to the mainframe and an entire new network of Herculean dexterities. 

Whilst she is the only full bodied bionic shell, she lives in a world where cyber augmented extensions to the human body are a fiercely growing norm. 

This technology is still so vastly undiscovered, it’s power induces a whole new breed of vicious, merciless techno-terrorists.

Major kicks criminal ass in some spectacularly beautiful showdowns, but she also begins to experience glitches. 

They are a symptom of a deeply unsettling discovery about her past and ‘her kind’.

Die hard manga fans may have their reservations about whether Ghost in the Shell does the complex sci-fi justice. 

But for the mainstream crowd, its’ pretty damn suffice. The detailed cyber-scapes and immersive, state of the art digital productions are enough to leave you in awe and in total agreeance that what’s on screen is impending. 

Ghost in the Shell is a cinematic experience you’ll want to have a ticket to!

Words by Rubini Gun

Image by Forbes

Details: Ghost in the Shell | Sci-fi film | In cinemas 30 March