Beauty and the beast in Brisbane cinemas and worth the watch!

Every girls favourite fairy tale Beauty and the Beast has been revamped for the modern women to enjoy today.

With her typical independent woman demeanour, Emma Watson captivates viewers from big kids to adults as the bright and beautiful Belle.

Beauty and the beast follows the traditional storyline with a smart young woman who longs for more than what’s on offer in her provincial town. 

When she first meets the brute of a man, the beast (Dan Stevens), Belle fears for what’s to come. 

However the more time she spends in his castle the more enchanting he becomes.

Belle unveils the sweet and sensitive side of what was once a charming and all too cocky prince. 

The modern take on beauty and the beast tells youngsters and adults to stand up for their principals and to support and value those close to them while celebrating their individual personalities.

Enjoy with a glass of Chardonnay at The Blue Room Cinebar today.

Details: Beauty and the Beast | Disney | for big kids and adults | in cinemas now 


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