Revolutionary horror film Get Out

Get Out is a revolutionary horror-edy film that’s extremely socially and racially poignant.

The spine chiller begins when African-American boyfriend Chris travels to meet his girlfriend Rose’s parents for the first time.

They spend the weekend with her neurosurgeon father and psychiatrist mother in their affluent rural town, but Chris is nervous about how they feel about their interracial love.

His nerves should be the least of his worries. Whilst they are wildly accommodating (painfully evident when Roses’ father insists if he could vote for Obama again, he would), something is not quite right.

Roses’ mother tricks him into accepting hypnosis therapy and suddenly, every typical horror movie artifice plays out. Phones start unplugging, noses start to bleed, and patterns begin to reveal that leave Chris with the urge to, well… get out.

Comedic genius and director Jordan Peele serves his film justice as Get Out is as scary as it is edifying. He brings white liberalist satire to our screens, though not at the compromise of fingernail to armchair gripping horror you won’t want to miss.

Words by Rubini Gun

Image by Variety

Details: Get Out | horror film | in cinemas April 20


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