Poncho Orange Performs for Anywhere Theatre Festival

Funny boy Dani Cabs plays a hilarious fall-off-your-set clown Poncho Orange in the Anywhere Theatre Festival.

This unique show is set in a rad space – a burger joint. Poncho Orange is part Latin-lover, part human-pleasure machine who is on a deep search for what if feels like to belong. Can you help him?

He will have you mesmerised with his sensual moves and giggling at his mix of clowning about and non-sensically endearing stunts. His improvisation and mere presence will not only captivate your hearts, but your funny bones, too.

It’s a pleasure to welcome talented actor-comedian Dani Cabs back on home turf.

He has recently been busying travelling and wowing audiences at Adelaide Fringe and Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2016, and more recently, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017.

Poncho Orange is wildly amusing and just the shade of funny Brisbane needs this comedy season.

Words by Rubini Gun

Details: Poncho Orange | Dani Cabs | Ben’s Burgers – 153 Boundary Street, West End | May 3,4,6,7 | 60 mins | Anywhere Theatre Festival 2017