John Wick Chapter 2 is in cinemas

John Wick Chapter 2 merits the kind of health warning you’d see before getting on a roller coaster at a theme park. 

Heart stopping adrenaline fuel action ensues as soon as the curtain opens. 

Between all of the fast cars, big guns and elaborate fight scenes there’s barely an opportunity to catch your breath.

Keanu Reeves is back to star as John Wick, an elite assassin who is just trying to get his life back together. John Wick is drawn back into the underbelly of chaos and violence when he is forced to honor a blood oath. 

John wastes little time in killing his way out of the secret society of assassins that he once hoped to leave behind.

Killing rampages aside John Wick is just a down to earth family man at heart who loves his supercharged mustang, and his beautiful pitbull who has no name. 

With the renaissance of shiny PG comic book heroes, it is refreshing to see a no-nonsense protagonist who unabashedly just wants to break things. 

John Wick Chapter 2 is an action film that ticks all of the boxes, supported by an intriguing storyline and clever dialogue. Just remember your heart medication. 

Words by David Bowden

Details: John Wick Chapter 2 | in cinemas May 18 | MA 15+