Ancient Rain with Paul Kelly at QPAC

Fearless Irish performer Camille O’Sullivan joins forces with beloved Australian singer-songwriter Paul Kelly in Ancient Rain.

Ancient Rain brings to life works of Yeats, Joyce and other prolific Irish poets, to tell the tail of Ireland’s tumultuous past.

While O’Sullivan was hypnotic, expressing the pain and passion of every verse, Paul Kelly used his crisp and familiar voice to connect eloquently with the Australian audience.

Ireland’s fight for independence was unabashedly explored as Kelly and O’Sullivan recite W.B Yeats’ Easter, 1916, a moving tribute to the Irish men and women who fell in the 1916 Easter rising.  The reading was carefully paired with the sounds of cello and drums to help transport the crowd to Dublin’s GPO all those many years ago.

With the crowd in the palm of her hand, donning a red veil, on a near pitch black stage O’Sullivan exclaims “I do not grudge them Lord: Lord, I do not grudge them”, commencing a stirring delivery of Padriac Pearse’s ‘The Mother’. Though understated, the use of lighting and music is genius, allowing all eyes and ears to effortless grip to the performance on the stage.

Story telling, poetry and song, are as much apart of Ireland as the Blarney Stone or the Cliffs of Moher. 

Ancient Rain combines these elements to create an incredibly enjoyable and thought provoking night out.

Words by David Bowden

Picture by David James McCarthy

Details: Ancient Rain | 13 June 2017 | Concert Hall, QPAC