Hotel Coolgardie is a must see

Hotel Coolgardie is an eye opening film about two Finnish backpackers in Australia on a working visa.

After losing their savings the two women agree to a barmaid work placement in a remote town where the pub is the only entertainment.

As the half dozen miners and workers in the area pile into the pub the women now call ‘home’ (with their room upstairs), they are confronted by the amusing yet mostly appalling pick up lines and sexual advances.

Things quickly decline with more frequent comments like “mum won’t want to know about this” and waking to find passed out men on their couch.

The film takes an indescribable twist where you won’t be able to take your eyes of the screen.

Hotel Coolgardie opens your eyes to the culture of alienation and impunity the women now face on their working holiday.

Details: Hotel Coolgardie | directed by Pete Gleeson | documentary