Rice by QLD Theatre Company

Everyone has problems to deal with – in the boardroom or the basement, global or local, business or personal. Rice is an insightful story about the personal side of globalisation with two multicultural women making their way in modern Australia forging a powerful, if unlikely, friendship that gets results.

The story centres on Nisha, who’s second-in- command of an Australian rice company and working late at night in a skyscraper. Working even later than Nisha is Yvette, who clears up her take-away. As the nights wear on, they discover the many ties that bind them despite their very different stories.

So many issues – so little time. Rice touches on pretty much all of the big ones; from ambition, love, loss, regret, privilege, struggle and eventually the ability to recognise the human frailty in each other.

With one simple set, and two actors performing several characters, you need to concentrate to keep pace with this story.

The two actresses are equally impressive. Both manage their main roles, and various cameo appearances of additional characters. Hsiao-Ling Tang's performance across characters, gender and accents is particularly impressive.

This Brisbane centric play is busy, poignant, and culminates in bringing the two characters to common ground, and the audience to appreciate the fundamental likability of both.

Words by Megan Laws

Image courtesy of QLD Theatre Company

Details: Rice | QLD Theatre Company | 24 June – 16 July | $35 – $65