Paris Can Wait

If you are in the mood for a light hearted romantic comedy filled with delightful French scenery, then this is the movie for you!

Dreamy shots of French country side, fine wines and gourmet French delicacies are in store as Anne (Diane Laine) is whisked away on a road trip from the Cote d’Azur to Paris by the intriguing Jaques (Arnould Viard) a business partner of her husband the very successful movie producer, Michael played by none other than Alec Baldwin.

A would be short five-hour drive turns out to be a two-day trip as Jacques stops every hour or so for a cigarette. With a few miss-adventures in the old Peugeot convertible, Jacques introduces Anne to all things French.

Despite resisting his advances “I am not French she remonstrates” Anne soon discovers taking time to smell the roses helps her discover her own view of the world and who she is and where she is going.

Inspired by her own road trip to Paris, this is a debut feature film from director Eleanor Coppola. As wife of the legendary Francis Ford Coppola who directed “The Godfather”:

Eleanor is in a good position to explore what it is like to be a woman behind a great man. Well known for her documentary “Hearts of Darkness”. Eleanor is no less than 80 years old proving creativity is achievable at any age!

Words by Elizabeth Lamont

Image by Paris Can Wait

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