La Fille mal gardée by Queensland Ballet

Queensland Ballet delighted Brisbane with a light-hearted and funny mid-season performance La Fille mal gardée.

The ballet company chose an amusing story line about a love triangle set in the exquisite French country side in the 1950s, Choreographed beautifully by Marc Ribaud. 

The Widow Simone, mother of a beautiful young woman, prepares to marry away her daughter Lise to son of a wealthy vineyard owner who’s not without his awkward quirks including shaky dance feet and a very nervous nature.

Alain, performed by Liam Geck, brings chuckles to the captivated crowd as he pines for Lise, performed by Yanela Pinera, in the village square. 

Meanwhile the charming Colas, performed by Vito Bernasconi, swooped in to keep his lover Lise’s heart. 

Costume designer Alexi De Silva dressed Queensland Ballet performers in stunning traditional country France smocks and 1950’s classics.

Queensland’s Chamber Orchestra have added extra life to the performance with captivating tunes that worked seamlesses with the performers. 

La Fille mal gardée by Queensland Ballet was a beautiful, hilarious and captivating performance that delighted Brisbane.

Image by Queensland Ballet

Details: La Fille mal gardée by Queensland Ballet | Playhouse theatre, Queensland Performing Arts Centre | 4 – 19 August 2017