Five juice recipes for our warm weather

Spring has landed on our doorstep, where the humid weather is just about upon us.

Brisbane Weekender have spent the last few weeks collecting the top ten juice recipes for the warmer weather. Pull out those blenders, and let’s get juicing.

1. Grapefruit Ginger Mint

The taste of mint will leave you breath feeling refreshed, and the ginger tang will allow your body to feel cleansed.


 1 grapefruit

 ½ fresh mint

 1 fresh ginger peeled

2. Carrot, Apple and Pineapple

Tease your tastebuds with sweetness from the tropics.


 1 apple

 ½ can of pineapple chunks

 3 large carrots

 2 teaspoons of fresh ginger

 2 stalks of celery

3. Green Juice with a Twist

Green juices can be stock-standard and boring but this recipe includes tropical flavours that will cause you to want more every time.


 1/3 pineapple

 Handful of spinach

 1 mango

 2 tablespoons of fresh lime juice

 1 teaspoon fresh ginger

4. Traditional Green Detox

For the more traditional juicers amongst us, the green detox will be a guaranteed winner because it will leave you refreshed and revitalised after each sip.


 Handful of spinach

 2 green apples

 1 Cucumber

 1 lemon

 ½ ginger root

5. Spring Cleansing Cooler

An odd combination of ingredients will help flush toxins from the body and cleanse your insides.


 1 tomato

 1 cucumber

 8 asparagus stems

 1/2 lemon

Words by Ailish Parr

Image sourced online


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