Paradise In The City


Every city has a pocket of paradise waiting to be found by those who look for it.

In this sense, Brisbane is no different from the rest. There are many secrets, hidden gems and tranquil parks in amongst the busy city.

We’ve uncovered the most immaculate park that¬†provides an oasis to those looking to escape the hustle and bustle. The heritage-listed town square, Anzac Square, is located between Ann Street and Adelaide Street. It is truly worth a visit.


Looking overhead, our eyes were drawn the neatly mowed lawn, the perfectly blue water features and the manicured gardens.

We spotted workers on their lunch breaks, friends gathering for a picnic in the park, couples on romantic dates and exhausted shoppers taking comfort in all of its tranquility.


Next time you are in town take a moment to unwind and appreciate the city for more than just its premium shops and steak houses.


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