Breaking in summer with gin and botanicals

We’re getting our cocktail lists sorted as we embrace the hot Brissie sun.

Are you one for a botanical elixir mixed with soda or tonic and enhanced with zesty
lime or chilled cucumber? Perhaps you’re into something fancier like the herbaceous negroni or a lavish lemon Collins?

We’ve shared our top 2 mouth-watering recipes you can make at home or order when out at one of our fav Brisbane bars.

Find recipes below for Grace’s basil infused lemon collins and the most famous negroni.

Basil Lemon Collins
45ml Gin
30ml Lemon juice
10ml Sugar Syrup
4-5 fresh large basil leaves
30-45ml Soda water
Dehydrated citrus for garnishing
1. In your cocktail glass of choosing, fill with ice then build with gin, lemon juice and
sugar syrup. Stir together.
2. Spank your basil to release its herbaceous flavours and stir in.
3. Top with more ice, add soda and garnish with dehydrated citrus.

30ml Sweet Vermouth (Rosso)
30ml Campari
15ml Gin
Orange slices to Garnish
1. Build the ingredients into your desired glass.
2. Add ice and stir thoroughly
3. Garnish generously with orange slices.

Words and images by Grace Smith