Planning your bathroom around a statement basin

Are you a massive fan of the block and house rules and keen to redesign your bathroom?

We’ve come across an incredible statement basin and are set design the bathroom around it.

Local Sydney store Pietra Bianca use purestone and westone to create luxurious tubs and basins for a day spa feel in your own home.

Our top pick from their current collection is the ONDA table top basin in charcoal stone with small flecks of grey’s and off white.

Their passion for creative exquisite bathroom spaces shines through with this incredible piece.

The name ONDA is derived from the Spanish language and represents the waves of some of their best beaches like Isla de Santa Marina.

The 600mm wide basin provides instant calm with a delicate wave top. For us, our instant clam came the moment we splashed water on our faces and allowed our minds to wander to the likes of Costa Brava and Lanzarte.

We couldn’t help but design our bathroom around this basin, sitting neatly atop a light wooden vanity and surrounded by textured cement toned tiles.

We’ve opted for a smaller vanity and compromised on space to allow the basin to stand out to its fullest.

The decision to include a frameless waterfall shower that leads into a simple white stone bath was a must to compliment the simple basin lines designed by Pietra Bianca.

Matt black tapware with smooth curved lines exudes premium luxe when matched with the black Pietra Bianca pop down drain.

Get that holiday at home feel with Pietra Bianca’s range and create you own Balinese day spa, Mexican resort vibes or Noosa dream room for your ‘everyday’.

Suitable for luxe renovation, new dream home or just because.

Details: Pietra Bianca | ONDA | PBS2001 – Table Top Basin | 600 X 370 X 210mm | $510.00 + Matching black pop down drain $130.00