5 random facts about gin

Did you know gin can be a detox for the body? Check out some random things we found about gin!

1. Like Switzerland…as neutral as can be
For those of you like me, who didn’t know, gin can be made from any spirit
alcohol as long as it meets the spirit drink regulations as a neutral alcohol.
Interesting right!
2. Gustatory senses
If you’ve ever wondered what the main ingredient is in gin that tantalises the
palette, look no further than Juniper berries. It is the female seed cone produced
by junipers, so unfortunately not an actual berry. On the more positive side they
have been traditionally known to assist the body with detoxing and promoting
healthy skin and digestion. I’ll happily drink to that, a beauty blessing and a thirst
quencher in one.
3. Botanicals
The flavour components of gin come from a range of botanicals that are added
during the distilling process. These can vary in their categories depending on the
desired end result, many basic botanicals used are citrus, nuts, herbs and spices.
Ingredients such as coriander seeds, orange peel, lemon peel, Cassia, Angelica
root, cardamom, liquorice and cinnamon just to list a few.
4. Hands for the Picking
Juniper Berries grow wild throughout Europe and are handpicked by independent
workers throughout the continent which are then purchased by the gin distillation
5. Thinking outside the box
As the market for gin increases and people become more open to trying new
things the experimental process becomes more successful. Ever imagined the
possibility of part gin, part wine? Me neither until I discovered the four pillars
bloody shiraz gin. Shiraz infused, it’s certainly one for the culinary senses and I
highly recommend trying it when out next, it will blow your mind.

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Words and images by Grace Smith

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