Peter Pan by Queensland Ballet

The audience oohed and ahhed as petite fairies and a glorious Tinkerbell fluttered across the stage at QPAC’s Playhouse Theatre.

Choreographed by Trey McIntyre, this reinterpretation of Peter Pan appeared to take inspiration from surrealist art and his own childhood as he lives his life through the eyes of Peter Pan with magic, adventure and the concept of staying young at heart forever.

The unique performance used bold reds and deep blue and blacks, shadow art and an almost Alice in Wonderland frame with oversized multicoloured flowers around the stage.

Tuesday evening saw lead dancers Camilo Ramos (Peter Pan) and Lucy Green (Wendy) grace the stage with a tribe of lost boys and Wendy’s darling siblings behind them.

The duo took to the audience on a dreamy journey in Neverland and dazzled all with wild adventures and breathtaking flight over the main stage.

As in every wild fantasy, Queensland Ballet delivered enchanting mermaids and danced gracefully beneath translucent fish kites while waving them through the imaginary ocean before exploring deep forests and a mighty crocodile.

The dancers wrapped the audience deep into the performance as the pirates and lost boys fought for victory and the primitive Peter Pan took on a wicked and incredibly entertaining Captain Hook (performed by Vito Bernasconi) in the final scenes.

With Artistic Director Li Cunxin, Queensland Ballet allowed Brisbane to escape into a childhood wonderland for just one night.

Image by Queensland Ballet

Details: Peter Pan by Queensland Ballet | Playhouse, QPAC | 25 October to 5 November