Queensland Ballet in 2018

Following their annual The Nutcracker performance, Queensland’s much loved ballet group will return in 2018 with a fabulous new program.

Queensland Ballet will open in March with La Bayadere, the temple dancer.

The exotic love story will take Brisbane back to the enchanting 19th century where dreams are made of glittering balls, opulent gowns and undying love.

Following the hypnotic love affair in British Raj is double bill Carmen and Firebird – a bold beauty with ballet at its best.

As well as the new and enticing performances, Queensland Ballet are set to bring back a few favourites like Cinderella, Swan Lake, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and a Christmas favourite amid Brisbane – The Nutcracker.

Details: Queensland Ballet | 2018 | performances as follows:

La Bayadere – March

Carmen and Firebird – May

Swan Lake – June

Cinderella – September

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – October

Bespoke – November

The Nutcracker – December


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