How to spend a rainy day in summer

Nothing beats curling up under the covers as the rain hits your tin roof and the breeze blows through your IKEA curtains.

Here’s a list of our favourite things to do on a rainy day in summer.

1. Turn off the aircon that everyone in Queensland has and embrace the natural cool breezes with an awesome trashy novel by Candace Bushnell in your favourite arm chair by the picture window. Our comfort food of choice is cacao nut butter on rye bread.

2. Gather the troops and take out that board game you haven’t played in years. Pop a picnic rug and cushions on your living room floor, light a few scented candles (like those delicious Christmas candles from Peter Alexander) and use the rain as an excuse to order UberEats burgers and loaded fries for your party.

3. Raid the cupboard for any and all nachos ingredients (with bacon of course!) and pick an every horror movie, cosy up under a blanket and settle in until evening with the Christmas tree lights blinking behind you.

4. Spring clean – just kidding! It’s probably better weather for a day time nap followed by a hot chocolate in your santa pjs and reindeer socks.

5. Get creative with those crafty projects you’ve had in the back of your mind for almost a year. Make that flower crown for your Christmas parties or ginger bread cookies for the office – and for now.

Best thing about the rain: endless cups of tea, coffee or hot chocolate

Words by Katherine Bowden