Fried chicken & beers on Albert St

Some days we really want to chow down on a box of fried chicken with a couple of casual beers after a long working day.

4FINGERS on Albert St Brisbane is just the place for us!

The super casual takeaway/eat in joint serves up Asian recipe meets New York City’s grungy subway scene crispy chicken.

Where else can you get fries with seaweed flavouring?! Watch below as we tease you with ours – served plain.

The menu has every greasy craving in the book from burgers to wings and spicy drumsticks, saucy prawns and fried calamari with greens.

When it comes to drumsticks we opt for 6 soy garlic and 3 hot every time.

The highlight for us is being able to wash down our crispy chicken with rice box and extra extra extra sauce with a cold beer (or lemon soda) while watching workers rush by.

When you’re choosing your burger we’ve got to give credit to the guys who made the huge x.B.F.F. – the chicken patty is definitely twice the size and the ‘steak’ version of chicken.

Next time you get a craving for some fried goodness in the mall check out the super casual and delicious 4FINGERS.

Words and images by Katherine Bowden

Details: 4FINGERS | 108 Albert St Brisbane CBD | 11am to 10pm daily

Also at Westfield Chermside and Bourke St in Melbourne