Tiny Jingle Bell Wreaths – DIY


The shops have been flooded with jingle bell wreaths in various shapes, colours and sizes.

This Christmas we’ve have decided to create our own jingle bell wreaths to give you a more beautiful and special way of hanging decorations in your home.

The best part is, they jingle when you make them so your home is always filled with their magical hum.

Step 1. We ordered 1,000 tiny silver bells with loops on the bottom. Order and make as many as you please.


Step 2. Using extremely thin silver wire, make a hook on one end. Using the untouched end, thread the bells using the loops at the bottom. Make sure they are packed together very tightly as you do not want them to be moving around.

Step 3. Take the untouched end of the wire and thread it through the end with the hook. Either loop it around or hook the ends together.


Step 4. Take 3mm white satin or polyester ribbon and thread it around the hooks.


Step 5. Tie a bow here with one bow loop larger than the other. Next, tie a knot with the two ends to create a large hanging loop. Then take the bow and create a double knot. The bow lengths should now be even.


Complete all of these steps and you will be left with stunning tiny jingle bell wreaths. Hang them on the Christmas tree, on door knobs, off larger wreaths or hang them alone with hooks on the wall.


Whatever you decide, they will be brining magic to your home this Christmas!