Fun fitness goals for 2018

Have a New Year’s Eve fitness goal or just keen to refresh your routine? Here’s a list of fun ways to kick yourself into action at the gym, in the park with a mate or in your own home.

1. Kick boxing – combine taekwondo and boxing to build your upper and lower body strength while releasing toxins from that double cheese burger or those tequila shots the night before.

2. Dance – dancing will sculpt and tone your body every time so join a local community dance centre, blast Taylor Swift at home or party on the dance floor when you’re out with the gals – it all counts!

3. Horseback riding – yes you heard us! Combine your love of horses and your 2018 fitness goals and channel that inner balance and stability. A couple of hours a week can also improve your coordination, your leg, core and arm strength and improve your flexibility.

4. Frisbee – both your roomie and your pooch will thank you for getting them into the backyard or to the park with a chew proof frisbee. You’ll be sure to jump, run and lunge in this fun sport while getting your heart rate up without feeling like you’re exercising.

5. Water polo – join your local team or start your own and you’ll discover your awesome inner power, burn calories and get a fantastic cardio work out.

A few stretches before each exercise will go a long way.