Kick those fitness goals into action with South Bank’s Medibank Feel Good Program

It’s never too late to start your new years resolution. Brisbane’s Medibank Feel Good Program will give you a leg up with a full timetable of activities to get you feeling powerful in 2018.

The Medibank Feel Good Program offers free classes from Monday to Saturday (excluding Friday and Sunday).

Brisbanites can try their hand at a flexible and open heart cobra pose (Bhujangasana), the ultimate rejuvenation stretch downward-facing dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) and feel centered and strong like a warrior with yoga in South Bank’s beautiful and natural oasis.

On Tuesday’s you’ll see a swarm of people from all ages getting their blood pumping with an epic pilates class. Be guided by a qualified instructor and make the class as hard-core or as restorative as your own mood.

For some, pilates is a warm up class to the following evening’s energy work out. If you’re really serious about that new years resolution, strap yourself in for a truly pumpin’ class. Not sure if it’s for you? Come along and feel the atmosphere and you’ll surely be roped in for a good session – newcomers welcome.

If the 20th century pilates and energy classes aren’t your vibe, a twilight dance class is a must. On Thursday, feel the sun set overhead and use the electric energy to get your groove on.

Thai chi, mums and bubs and aqua aerobics are also on offer with this free outdoor program. These feel good classes make for a great pre-brunch work out with an abundance of local and trendy cafe’s serving up avocado on toast, field mushrooms and pancake stacks along Little Stanley and Grey streets.

Come along to the Medibank Feel Good Program for a free work out and get that 2018 fitness glow happening!

Images by Brisbane Weekender

DetailsMedibank Feel Good Program produced by South Bank Parklands and Brisbane Marketing | Free – no bookings | South Bank Parklands | Program runs from 29 January to 31 March

TimetableMonday 5:30-6:15pm – Yoga | Tuesday 5:30-6:15pm – Pilates | Wednesday 6:45-7:30am – Cardio; 9:15-10am – Mums and Bubs; 5:30-6:15pm – Energy | Thursday 6:45-7:30am – Thai Chi; 5:30-6:15pm – Dance | Saturday 8-8:45am – Yoga; 9:15-10am – Aqua