Brace yourself for epic Black Panther

Marvel Studios’ Black Panther Long Live the King is a vibrant film that uses fantasy to deliver a hip modern take on African tribes and their traditional dress, ceremonies, battles for the title of King and ways to save the world.

Based on Marvel Comics, the 2018 American superhero film Black Panther follows the story of the nation of Wakanda and the Jabari Tribe who choose not to follow in their high-tech ways.

To the outside world Wakanda was a third world country, but those born into the tribe knew the truth about their advanced technologies and super hero abilities that could save the world.

Following the death of the great King T’Chaka, his son T’Challa returns to Wakanda to assume the throne.

Before his first mission he is faced with the questions to follow the path of his father or set new ways for the tribe that may risk their land while helping those who need them.

Black Panther is a must see in a huge cinema with great sound.

Details: Black Panther | fantasy super hero film | 2 hours 15 minutes