Disney’s Aladdin has Brisbane buying repeat tickets

Disney’s Broadway musical has come to the sunshine state to enchant and delight.

Opening Saturday night at QPAC, the word is out that audiences are already lining up to see repeat performances of this Disney classic favourite.

First we had the Lion King and now Aladdin! It’s a show that will enthral all age groups, and seeking a peek at an excited crowd gathering before the show on Saturday night I can see adults are going to enjoy it just as much as the young ones.

It’s a sensational take on the classic animated Disney films first released in 1992. Lying behind its success is a stunning combination of winning performances, costume, stage design, lighting, dance and of course the music. Including those special classic songs from the film that win over our hearts.

Now seen by over 6 million people world wide, it’s certainly a glamorous production with no expense spared.

With over 300 costumes clad with over 500,000 sparkling Swarovski crystals, costume designer Gregg Barnes has created a visual feast of swirling fabrics, saturated with deep and intense hues of violet, vermillion and cerise that mimic an Arabian sunset.

This is all assisted by a savvy technical team that have created lighting and special effects to help us oh so easily slip into the world of the fictional city of Agrabah.

Not to mention the sheer magnificence of Bob Crowley’s stage designs that are absolutely awe inspiring.

Totally immersed by the intricately carved moroccan lattice work and the iconic Taj Mahal, I was easily transported from the fighting scenes in market streets to the inner world of the Palace to the magical cave that encompasses the whole stage.

It’s in this enormous, golden, treasure laden cave where Aladdin, ‘a diamond in the rough’ played by the sensitive Ainsley Melham, finds that special lamp that changes his life!

And of course with the lamp appears Genie, played by the very talented Gareth Jacobs. Genie really does steal the show with a wonderful dose of humour and warmth that makes us want him to appear again and again.

But the story wouldn’t be complete without Jasmine (Hiba Elchikhe) who really shines in her role with Melham and together the audience is spellbound when they sing A WholeNew World under a magical canopy of sparking stars as they are whisked away on their magic carpet.

Live theatre is always going to be a different experience to cinema. In this case, Disney Theatrical Productions have followed the film more or less with a few twists and tricks to take you by surprise.

They have excelled by putting together talented performers with an award winning creative team. Together, they tell the tale of a well loved story filled with magic, that promises to be absolutely unforgettable.

Words by Elizabeth Lamont  

Images by Jeff Busby

Details: Disney’s Aladdin | Lyric Theatre, Queensland Performing Arts Centre Brisbane | Until 3 June 2018