Bruno Mars 24k Magic World Tour landed in Brissie with glitter bombs and fireworks!

Passionate American singer-songwriter Bruno Mars hit the Brisbane Entertainment Centre with a massive burst of energy for his 24K Magic World Tour.

Despite the gasps and hush conversations over the office water coolers when Dua Lipa cancelled her support act everyone’s main man Bruno Mars revved up the crowd of 13,500 with an epic set.

Bruno Mars and his crew set the tone with sporting get up like baseball and basketball jerseys and crisp white Nike sneakers.

Showing they’re there to play, Bruno Mars and the guys moved seamlessly across the stage using fun and funky foot and hip actions and urban moves like lofting.

While every tune that graced the stage felt like it was on the #1 hit chart, the crowd switched o their phone lights on for Locked out of heaven and an incredibly heart felt When I was your man.

Treasure and That’s what I like are only some of the songs that made for great sing alongs, especially when Bruno Mars put the mic to the audience and seperate the audience for bit of fun competition.

Romance washed over the crowd amongst swaying couples when Bruno Mars clutched the mic and sung “hey baby, I think I wanna marry you.”

Bruno Mars gave his all to make for an immensely interactive concert and really got the crowd going wild during his encore Uptown funk.

With a smile from Bruno and his crew and more than a few impressive moves, it’s hard not to have fun right along with him and anyone heading out to tonight’s show is in for a real treat!

After a brilliantly fun concert Brisbanites clutched their 24K Magic Tour passes excitedly as they spilled out onto the street with band t’s and homemade I heart Bruno posters in the late brisk night.

Words by Katherine Bowden

Image by Live Nation

Details: Bruno Mars 24K Magic World Tour | on tour with Live Nation | in Australia until March 29 (last Australian show in Perth)