C’est la vie! AF French Film Festival

If you’re looking for a giggle and grin then C’est la Vie is the one for you!

The light hearted comedy goes behind the scenes of a glamorous wedding set in an 17th century chateau.

C’est la Vie is co-directed by the successful duo Oliver Nakache and Eric Toledano (The Intouchables).

The movie features a central character Max Angely, played by the amazing Jean-Pierre Bacri, in a part that has been especially scripted for him.

Max, who runs and owns a longstanding successful hospitality company, seems doomed for failure as he prepares for the big event with a feisty band of waiters, musicians, photographers and chefs.

Murphy’s law rules as Max tries his hardest to hold it all together, all the while quoting his mantra “we must adapt”. His love life suffers, staff bicker and waiters threaten to revolt at the idea of wearing wigs to complete their 17th century dress code.

But nothing prepares Max for the groom Pierre (Benjamin Lavernhe) who, endowed by an enormous ego, goes through his paces with hilarious antics.

Anyone who has ever organised a wedding or attended one will especially appreciate all the feel good film has to offer.

Details: 29th French Film Festival I Palace Centro and Barracks Cinemas Brisbane | 8 March – 4 April 2018