Mary Magdalene

Rooney Mara plays Mary Magdalene in the latest movie by director Garth Davis.

Due to be released this Easter, the brave production gives a contemporary take on
one of the most mis-represented figures in biblical history.

Wrongly cast as a sinner and prostitute by Pope Gregory in 591, Davis’s version of Mary
Magdalene shows her to have the passion, spirit and independence of a modern woman.

While the film is a biblical drama, it will appeal to art house audiences who appreciate costume design and cinematography, which is one of the most compelling and beautiful aspects of the movie.

Mary Magdalene was filmed in the Puglia region in Italy to represent a coastal Judea district and the story unfolds in a small fishing village.

It is here, bathed in the light of a soft earthy landscape that Mary, a devout Jewish woman, goes about simple rituals of daily living.

Mary yearns to escape a limited world of patriarchal dominance.

Breaking convention and
refusing to marry, she leaves her family to follow a new radical social movement, led by
Jesus of Nazareth (Joaquin Phoenix)

The accompanying music gives depth and authenticity to an inventive screenplay by
Philippa Goslet and Helen Edmundson.

But it is the sensitive performance by Mara Rooney that portrays a reinvented Mary as an intelligent woman set on her own journey of
spiritual quest.

This repositioning of Mary’s character highlights her extraordinary position as a key
witness to well known biblical events that have shaped the western world for over two
thousand years.

Words by Elizabeth Lamont

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