Patricia Piccinini’s Curious Affection at GOMA

Patricia Piccinini: Curious Affection is GOMAs largest exhibition to be dedicated to an Australian artist.Currently taking up the entire ground floor, the exhibition includes Piccinini’s incredible, startling sculptures alongside photography, video and installation.

A highlight of the show is a complete built environment and a giant inflatable commissioned specifically for the exhibition.

Piccinini gained international acclaim with The Young Family, a sculpture of hybrid creatures when it was first shown at the 50th Venice Biennale in 2003.

Inspired by science, surrealism and the natural world, her creatures (she calls them Chimeras) reflect rapidly changing developments in biotechnology gene editing.

Piccinini’s art opens up challenging questions and conversation about our future and she hopes we will reflect on the choices we make while living during these times. Visitors can walk through a wondrous world by entering The Field, a soundscape and environment filled with 3,000 transgenic flowers.

At the heart of The Field visitors encounter The Bond, a life size sculpture of the artist holding her transgenic child before encountering the worlds of The Eerie, The Grotto and The Drive In.

Concluding with a diorama, where Chimeras peep out from a backdrop of Glasshouse Mountains, visitors come across a solitary retro caravan.

Inside lie a couple, tenderly enveloped in each others arms. They give us hope for a future world where actions of love and care can flourish.

Details: Patricia Piccinini: Curious Affection | GOMA | Ticketed | Until 5 August 2018