Discovering art in the Bardon neighborhood – artist Elizabeth Lamont

There’s a hip neon artwork in the bay window of Skyring Architects in Bardon and it’s waiting for you to set your eyes on it.

Glowing in coral pink, the “Queenslander” neon is a welcome surprise for bus commuters and passersby out for an autumn stroll.

The artwork is iconic to Queenslanders with strength and courage for the Sunshine State, much like our distinct and unrivalled architecture.

This inspired piece delivers unstructured curvilinear handwriting as a direct translation of the artists own free form handwriting.

The handblown glass materials reflect the stream of afternoon light, bouncing a soft light effect onto the bustling street.

Artwork is for sale – contact for details

Details: Neon artwork by Elizabeth Lamont | viewings available 24/7 until the end of the exhibit | Skyring Architects Macgregor Tce, Bardon