The big data challenge and how to ‘waste’ it

As Brissie influencers we scroll through insta 24/7 and it’s easy to see that ‘warning data running low’ message well before the end of our month.

That’s why I upgraded to a ducking awesome 24Gb of data with the new dodo plan.

I quickly made the mistake of bragging to our mates and got hit with a ‘can’t say no’ challenge of chewing through the first month’s data before the month is up.

But who can possibly get through that?! Here’s where I needed to get creative with 5 ways to waste data that we could never even imagine doing before.

1. Avoid the ‘who wore it better’

When your spare time literally revolves around shopping with the girls, coffee with the girls and gym-ing with the girls you’re bound to find your mate has the same sparkle tank you thought was a one of a kind.

Before a Friday night dinner I skipped the 20 long texts about who’s wearing what and Skype’d in the girls. Already dressed in H&M swanky skinny jeans and vintage looking pumps, we were able to coordinate who’s wearing what. Laura even managed to claim a necklace she spied on Tracy’s bedside table because it totally finish off her chic look.

2. Look forward to the hour long commute

Let’s face it – Brisbane’s public transport isn’t crash hot! But I actually looked forward to the evening traffic jam around the Gabba with 2 episodes of The Bachelor in Paradise I just HAD to finish before I could even speak to Taylor in the office!

3. Motel stay? Don’t wifi-freak-out!

Spending a night in motel normally means a few phone calls and cafe stalking to be armed with info about surrounding coffee shops that let you drink countless iced latte’s in exchange for a free 4 hour wifi stint. But this month it was totally easy covering watermelon festivals and burger joints with the new 24GB dodo mobile data plan.

4. Dare to look through the eyes of your pooch

Ever been keen to hook up a go-pro to your dog’s collar and see where they head? We took our boxer cross to Tuckeroo Park, the local Nudgee Beach off-leash area, and hooked on a new go-pro. It was ducking awesome watching her rough and tumble through a live stream linked to a few mobiles. The highlight was when she fully leaped through the water splashing everything remotely close to her!

5.  The big burger tease

We couldn’t resist face-timing our mate who dealt out the challenge just to tease him with his favourite burger joint – Betty’s Burgers. We ordered a few double beef’s, chicken and bacon and onion rings and totally chowed down while he watched the first bite with total envy! He could almost taste that super melted cheese, the epic bacon and the deep fried goodness!

We wish we could say we beat the challenge after all of this but we still had loads of data left. Pretty soon we’re headed to Bali and that’ll be the real test of the new dodo data plan!

Check it out here.

Details: Dodo | Mobile data: 24GB | Cost: $39.90 per month *terms and conditions apply |