Avengers: Infinity War will rock your world

Avengers Infinity War brings together a dramatic climax to over ten years of Marvel hero movies, where all the characters come together to fight for the survival of the universe.

This is Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, Thor, Spiderman, Black Panther, Doctor Strange and Guardians of the Galaxy all rolled into one universally superstar team.

A new threat has emerged in Thanos, who is Gamora’s step-father, with his cataclysmic plan to save the universe from degradation by ridding all planets of half their life forms.

To do so he must gain possession of all the universe’s six infinity stones.

Each new stone he gains requires a complex battle or personal sacrifice, and with each he enhances his powers until he meets our superhero team in a final battle to gain the ultimate prize and exert his will.

Thanos is the biggest threat we have seen in any of the marvel movies, especially as his strength and power grows.

His determination to succeed in his sordid plan is constantly at the forefront.

With over two and a half hours of screen time, Avengers Infinity War is truly a big budget movie with constant battles, spectacular special effects and enduring cinematography.

No superhero plays a starring role with all playing their part in this titanic battle. The narrative has also been well developed with lots of funny punchlines.

Fans from all over are sad to see the cluster of films come to an end but after ten years our superhero’s have had a wonderful ride.

Check it out on the biggest screen you can with a bucket of popcorn, beer and your best fan shirt.

Words by Peter Lamont

Details: Avengers Infinity War | 2 hours and 40 minutes | now showing in cinemas