Carmen & The Firebird by our local Queensland Ballet

It’s a tradition for young families, mother and daughter, couples and friends to dress in your best diamonds, topaz and put on a beautiful frilled dress to watch Queensland Ballet’s breathtaking season.

From May to June Queensland Ballet brought a stellar double bill Carmen & The Firebird.

The double performance opened with a breathtaking dancer dressed head to toe in striking red feathers, Lucy Green as the Firebird in Liam Scarlett’s The Firebird.

The Ballet, which was originally performed in Paris in 1910, is set in an enchanted garden under the moonlight.

Here the Firebird curiously follows a lost Prince until he finds her single feather and the powers that can go with it after one call for the Firebird.

A dark and moody set carries the performance through the stories suspense with Koschei’s evil taunts and a prince’s will to save a vision of beauty – the princess.

The Firebird is a followed by an intense and provocative Ballet, Carmen, starring Sophie Zoricic.

The bars of Spain come alive as Carmen enters the room full of fire, and is made all the more dramatic with the live music of Queensland Symphony Orchestra.

Seducing single and taken men with her black lingerie and her cheeky spirit, Carmen finds herself in a cat fight with the other women.

Ending up behind bars with only a spotlight in the cell, Carmen knows she can free herself with her playful nature.

The Spanish beauty weaves herself into a love triangle and sees her darkened fate flash before her eyes when a jealous rage brings a knife into the triangle.

The intriguing double bill Carmen & The Firebird makes for a dramatic and exciting evening with costumes worth noting at the Playhouse Theatre, QPAC.

Image by Queensland Ballet

Details: Carmen & The Firebird | 25 May to 3 June | Playhouse, QPAC