Catch some slapstick comedy in cinemas with Holmes & Watson

Will Ferrell is back in the cinemas in Holmes & Watson with his unique brand of slap stick comedy that has some hilarious laugh-out-loud moments.

The movie is however a mixed bag with some of the humour being over the top and at times somewhat unnecessarily crass. 

In playing Sherlock Holmes, Ferrell adds humour to the character that we haven’t seen before. Our past experiences of Sherlock Holmes have been of very serious calculated characters.

Ferrell throws this version out the window and replaces the character with a bumbling genius who feels that adding a moustache gives him an unrecognisable disguise. 

John C Reilly plays Holmes faithful assistant in Dr Watson and he desperately tries to keep Holmes on the right track. Watson has a burning passion to become a co-detective with Holmes.

Our heroes have but two days to save the life of Queen Victoria (Pam Ferris) who the evil Moriarty (Ralph Fiennes) has threatened to kill. A plan which almost sees Moriarty’s daughter (Kelly Macdonald), who also happens to be Holmes housekeeper, carry out the deed.

But she is accidentally vanquished as Watson’s quick thinking saves the Queens lifefrom a near explosion.

There are a few hilarious scenes in Holmes & Watson, such as with a cracked glass that sets killer bees on the loose and when Watson knocks the Queen senseless when trying to take a “selfie” with a tripod box camera. 

The movie also makes some subtle digs at the Brexit situation in the UK and at Donald Trump. It also features the Titanic as a marvel and the safest ship ever made.

This movie is classic Etan Cohen, the screenwriter and Director who has also given us movies like Tropic Thunder, which was equally hilarious, crass and lunatic at the same time.

Holmes & Watson may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you don’t go into the cinemas thinking you are going to watch a serious Sherlock Holmes and you like slap stick comedy with a mix of belly laughs and groans, there will something in this movie for you.

Words by Peter Lamont

Details: Now showing at cinemas everywhere | 90 minutes