Jurassic Park roars into concert at QPAC

Jurassic Park in concert is a journey of the senses that makes the audience intrigued and
excited for the start of the Jurassic Park story.

It makes the audience want to close their eyes and open their ears to the quintessential soundtrack of Jurassic Park that evokes amazement at the miraculous dinosaurs before evoking feelings for the characters as they become hunted.

Queensland Symphony Orchestra’s (QSO) live performance of the soundtrack gives each
scene of the movie an extra level of excitement and awe that makes you lean forward and wonder if the dinosaurs might be real, and might be coming for you!

Jurassic Park roared into cinemas in 1993 based on Michael Critchton’s action-packed
masterpiece novel.

However, Michael Critchton (author) and Steven Spielberg (director) weren’t the only creative artists that made the film such a classic blockbuster.

It was legendary composer, John Williams, who conceived the iconic soundtrack.
Watching the film on the big screen for the first time in 26 years is special in itself.

However, moving away from the traditional movie experience and hearing a live soundtrack is what makes for a mighty adventure and truly sets the experience apart as you watch and listen to the QSO flood the room with emotion, feelings and a hint at what’s around the corner.

The sound of the woodwinds and horns has a calming nature that quickly turns from curiosity to danger as the beat of the percussion builds and the ominous sound of the strings pierces every other sound in the room.

The music makes the audience feel like they are alongside the characters in the film with excitement turning to fear.

The brilliance of the soundtrack is heard throughout the entire length of the movie with a brief intermission reminding the audience how special it is to have live music during the film.

This culminates in the closing credits as elegant sounds rise from the orchestra pit having won the fight against the roar of the t-rex. The QSO’s win leaves the audience at ease that no dinosaurs are coming to eat them, yet.

Words by Christopher Lamont

Details: Jurassic Park in concert | Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre | Performed by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra