Why I did my baby photoshoot at 9 weeks young – with Little Love Lane Photography

I have been lucky enough to find myself in an amazing mummies group.

Early on someone asked who had newborn shots taken? I was surprised I was the only one (well, kind of the only one!).. I waited until bub was 9 weeks and found the perfect photographer, Little Love Lane Photography, to capture his radiant red locks.

little love lane brisbane weekender

People have been asking me why I chose 9 weeks. Good question!

1. Savouring our moments with baby

As a new mummy I wanted to enjoy every big and small moment with my newborn, husband and pooch. Other than our wonderful family and friends visiting, it was the perfect time to flick the off switch to the outside world and enjoy the love bubble!

2. Did I mention that hair?!

Our darling was born with gorgeous navy eyes and the fullest head of strawberry hair. It was getting more vibrant red by the second. I wanted to wait to capture his locks once they grew a little longer and after the first colour change (from strawberry to auburn).

3. Slightly less fragile but a lot of fun

While Little Love Lane Photography wasn’t able to move bubs arms and legs into unique but safe positions or put him in a bowl like so many people have on their walls, she was able to get those fun giggles, concentrating expressions, foot swipes at the toys in his wooden play gym and photograph him in his absolute natural state – this was perfect for me!

little love lane brisbane weekender

4. Capturing the nursery as we use it

His nursery was photographed during my second trimester. It was beautifully decorated with all of our favourite toys and prints. Once we could experience bubs personality it gave us the opportunity to put HIS favourite fluffy animals, black and white prints, hints of shiny gold and fun wooden toys on display. Little Love Lane Photography captured the nursery the way our bub actually enjoyed it.

little love lane brisbane weekender

5. Taking my time choosing the right photographer

I scrolled through Instagram for months during my pregnancy and didn’t settle on the right look – studio, outdoors, in-home, colour, white washes.

Finally when baby was a couple of months young I found her… Little Love Lane Photography. And wow do I feel lucky!

Little Love Lane Photography came to my home, giving me the setting and the colour scheme that fitted my tastes oh so perfectly (my home is in whites and greys).

Little Love Lane Photography was professional yet had a sense of ease about her. Maybe it was because she’s a pro mamma already and knows exactly how to handle teeny tiny babies.

I even picked up a few mummy tricks of the trade – yep I still use them today (especially the nose stroke) and bub is now six and a half months.

I’ve always been a big fan of digital copies and I was delighted to see the album of around 30 photographs ready for me to choose my favourites for the hallway.

I’ve chosen two details photographs of his hair and my hands wrapped around his tiny toes and one larger portrait to hang in a row.

Her work has a dreamy white wash that will blend well with white wooden frames on my soft blue-grey walls – now all I have to do is ask hubby to hang them 😉

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